A2/SW/HK Loving London based A2/SW/HK.
Typoleisten Funs Kurstjens / Sugar For All
I just wanted to find out where the boundaries were. So far I've found there aren't any. I just wanted to be stopped, and no one will stop me. (Damien Hirst)
Hypebeast — Modern Day Artisians Videos after the jump.
Out of all the destinations ignored by public transportation, you had to find a house behind an abandoned train station.


I don't need the game, I just want to watch this video over and over and over again.
Otto Umbehr / Umbo — Die Himmelskamera Copyright 1935, Galerie Kicken, Berlin / Phyllis Umbehr / VG Bildkunst
Kurt Schwitters En annen luring fra dagens BG-tur: Kurt Schwitters. Det var flere postkort fra denne serien, men fant bare disse på internett. Sinnsykt fine var de i alle fall! Kurtern prøvde seg som DADA-ist, men hadde ikke nok kred pga. hans borgerlige bakgrunn.
Ellen Gallagher Fra dagens tur på Berlinische Galerie. Collager basert på annonser i afro-amerikanske blader på 60-tallet.
The women loves a man who's on the run.

If you can't take a train, take a taxi.
Rocking Chopper Source: For Love And Glory
Greetings from the Alabama gold coast! Source: These Americans
Atlas Sound Doctor
Animate writing desk Too nice!
Jonathan Richman That Summer Feeling
Little Chords Always/Never
Eric Valli — Off The Grid Self portrait in the future.
Still Corners Velveteen
7 Day Closet by Studio248
Carlos, Poppy and Dobby Source.
Baby, I grew you a beard
Big Baby Gandhi Boogie Nights
Husk mitt navn Loving it!
Opus 1 Back Seat 38 Dodge
Hotel Mexico A Space in the Loveless Field
Lee Fields Faithful Man
House of Wolves Love Labored Lost
Albuen er på sitt ytterste ute i dag.
In the land of Arto Paasilinna I seldom find time and peace to read, but when I do pick up a book it often is written by Arto Paasilinna. I'm a big fan of his humouristic twist on rather serious issues as well as his portrayl of the Finnish landscape — both metaphorically and physically speaking. This picture I found over at Cabin Porn really fits the mood from his books.
Crane Brothers
White Fence Swagger Vets And Double Moon
Pie chart Source: fucking unknown
Berg & Berg Berg & Berg are releasing their spring/summer collection on Tuesday. You'll have a hard time finding better quality and design for a better price than this couple puts out. And I'm loving this tie from their previous collection!
Dreamtapes Oh No
Checkout We're moving back to Trondheim in August, and we are planning to open a small shop. This will definitely be the way you're paying for your goods.
Ryan Power Mondo Rush
My good friend Henning posted this over at his box office success No Fear Of Pop the other day.


Rhye Open
Baked garlic cilantro fries O la la, I'm definitely making these soon!
— Wow, a million pounds! That's a lot of money! — Yes, I guess, to some it is!
Action Bronson Imported Goods
His Clancyness Carve A Peach
Ibsen Awards Launched www.ibsenawards.com recently. I did the coding for my company Værsågod, Bleed did the design. http://www.ibsenawards.com
Kitsune I'm going coconut for white shirts these days, and this one is perfect (and sold out, uck). Kitsuné rules my mind forever and beyond though!
Hællæ! Ja, jeg husker i 1985, da jeg hadde min egen blogg i DOS, those were the days, jadda, F1 var ikke en racerbil i de dager, nei, good memories ctrl alt yes!